Fiber Optic Cable Splicing and Testing Training Program

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Course Overview

Comprehensive Training Course for Mastering Fiber Optic Cable Splicing and Testing

Whether you are a beginner or not currently working in this field, this training program will guide you to become a professional technician. You will learn the latest techniques in splicing and testing modern fiber optic cables, allowing you to acquire the necessary skills to excel in this advanced field. Join us now and start your journey towards professionalism in fiber optics!

Course Details and Modules

Undoubtedly, everyone now understands the importance of the fiber optics field and how it has become a crucial means for the advancement of communications and society as a whole. It has even surpassed traditional communication methods in achieving a higher level of connectivity. All recent statistics unequivocally demonstrate that fiber optics is no longer a luxury but a fundamental component of any communication strategy within any organization or country.

This is where the significance of this strongest training program in Egypt comes into play, helping you become a specialist in fiber optic cable splicing and testing. Whether you work in telecommunications companies, run a business focused on establishing communication networks or surveillance cameras, and want to know everything about this field, this training course will introduce you to the most important secrets of modern fiber optic network systems. No matter how much of a beginner you are, this training course will turn you into a professional specialist.

Target Groups :

Contents :

1. General Introduction to Information Transmission Networks – Theoretical
2. General Overview of Fiber Optics – Theoretical
3. Preparation and Setup of Fiber Optic Cables for Splicing – Practical
4. Connecting Communication Cables through Patch Panels – Practical
5. Connecting Communication Cables through Closures – Practical
6. Installation of Fiber Optic Cable Connectors using Dedicated Tools – Practical
7. Splicing Fiber Optic Cables using Advanced Fusion Splicing Devices – Practical
8. Measurements of Fiber Optic Cables along a Real Cable Path using the Latest OTDR Measurement Device – Practical
9. Each trainee executes a personal project during the course to create a complete fiber optic cable path (Fiber Optic Cables) from start to finish – Practical
10. Connecting Computer Networks using Fiber Optic Cables specific to the course and receiving data from the other end of the network (Fiber Optic Cables) – Practical

Program Duration :

20 hours divided into 5 sessions, each session lasting 4 hours.

The trainee receives a certificate. :

Certified Completion Certificate from FiberTech Misr Academy

Why join FiberTech Misr Academy programs ?

FiberTech Misr Academy stands out by offering professional training content that combines scientific theories with practical applications. Our distinctive training methods are based on understanding market needs and utilize interactive workshops, video presentations, and slideshows. We prioritize providing a variety of courses that facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills into practical job tasks. Our training materials include:

– Scientific curricula to deepen understanding of program subjects
– Professional PowerPoint presentations
– All necessary tools and templates needed post-training
– Program design tailored to market needs
– Execution of a full project for computer networks and interconnection using fiber optic cables
– Provision of all tools required to start working in the course field
– Supply of network components at wholesale prices to prevent exploitation