Fusion Splicing

Fiber TECH Misr has the capability and equipment to splice any type of fiber optic cable available, in any environment, single mode or multi mode, single fiber “loose tube” or multi fiber “ribbon cable”. We provide services to prep and fusion splice all cable types including OPGW, ADSS, Lashed, Direct Buried, Underground and ISP. We splice mainline, distribution and drop cables in manholes, hand-holes, pedestals, HUB’s, CO’s and subscriber premises. Our ISP splicing includes SFU, MDU, MTU & SMB services thru full FDC & Head-end installations, including active system “hot cut” splicing. To date,

 Expert Fusion and Mass Fusion Splicing

OPGW, ADSS and Duct Cable

Single Mode and Multi Mode

Standard/Dispersion Shifted/Specialty Fiber

Active System “Hot Cut” Splicing

Transition and Termination Splicing

Hot Transmission and Distribution Environment

Manhole or Direct Buried Splice