Fast Connector Multi Mode SC UPC

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Fast Assembly Optical Connector(FAOC) is a new type optical connector which is popular used in FTTH systems. This kind of connector can be fast assembled at fabricating yard by pushing the fiber to connect to the embedded fiber.No special technical skills(gum,curing,polishing) required for operator to assemble the connector.

Main Features

lNo special tools needed when installed;

lCan be made on-site without splicing connectors ;

lOnly 30 seconds needed to learn the process of installation and making;

lCan be intalled and maked repeatedly thus avoiding loss



lODF, Fiber Splice closure, Fiber Optic Distribution Box, etc.

lFiber Optic Cabinet, Fiber Optic Terminal Box, Fiber faceplate, etc.

lOptical fiber network immediate recovery maintenance.

lOptilca fiber local area network cabling system

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