Heat Shrink Single Splice Fiber Sleeve 40mm

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Clear sleeve make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage; Easily use and avoid any damages to the optical fiber during installation.
Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints and daily repairs etc.
Made of 304 grade stainless steel. The edge is polished to make it completely free of burrs to prevent breakage when shrinking. 304 grade has better Moisture & corrosion resistance.
Material: Polyolefin, Stainless Steel Single holed(preshrunk)ends eliminates improper fiber threading; Operating temperature: -45 to +100°C; Minimun fully recovery temperature: 120°C.
Package Included: 100PCS Heat Shrink Tubing; Inner Tube Diameter: 1.3mm; Outer Diameter: 2.6mm; Length: 40mm.

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